The Cikini Gondangdia (Simpang Lima) intersection in 1935

Following the 1941 view of this ‘simpang lima’ intersection, which we published a few days ago, this time a lovely picture of the same crossing, from a slightly different angle though, from the mid 1930s. From this point at the end of Menteng (Jalan Menteng Raya) we see the nice building of the “Nederlandsche Apotheek” (Netherlands Pharmacy) on the point where Tjikini (Jalan Cikini Raya) and Oud Gondangdia (Jalan RP Soeroso) came together in the distance on the left. This pharmacy moved to this site in November 1925; before it was the private residence of a certain Dr. de Vrieze.


Up until the end of 1957 the pharmacy had the name “Nederlandsche Apotheek”. Afterwards it most likely changed into “Radjapharma”. The pharmacy existed until at least the mid 1990s when this lovely building was sadly demolished. Now it is the site of the multi-storey Menteng Huis, with Kimia Farma and a HEMA branch. On this picture we look straight into Oud Gondangdia (Jalan RP Soeroso), right of the pharmacy. The delman on the right comes out of the Van Heutszplein (now Jalan Taman Cut Meutia). On the left of this picture, next to the street lantern is the entrance to Huize Vijfsprong on Menteng (Jalan Menteng Raya) 37, a 19th century house that has been entirely rebuilt in its original state in 2018.

source: NIOD, Beeldbank WOII