Jalan Menteng Raya 27 in 1940 (above) and 2020 (under)

The shape of this characteristic building on today’s Jalan Menteng Raya is still very much recognisable, but an experienced eye will notice some alterations, most noticeably the removal of the lovely balcony on the first floor. This site on number 27 was until 1941 the premises of IMPLA, the import company of pharmaceutical and agricultural articles, and the exclusive importer of Bayer products in Batavia (Jakarta) at the time. In 1952 the company Electro Import NV housed on what was then officially spelled Djalan Menteng 27. Today it is occupied by PT Mega Eltra, a big contractor company in the field of electrical and technical equipment. The building most likely dates back to the late 1920s or early 1930s.