Banjir Tanah Abang 1872

Banjir Tanah Abang 1872

Floods on Tanah Abang West (Jalan Abdul Muis), 1872

The floods of 1872 were one of the most destructive in Batavia/Jakarta. The Ciliwung River had swollen so much that even opening of the sluice gates proved insufficient. The river followed the original loop and flooded the entire lower part of the city, and in Weltevreden (Jakarta Pusat) the areas around Rijswijk (Jalan Veteran), Noordwijk (Jalan Juanda) and Molenvliet (Jalan Gajah Mada, Jalan Hayam Wuruk) were affected. Even Tanah Abang was not spared. The northern section of Tanah Abang West (Jalan Abdul Muis) was entirely flooded, including the Petodjo (Petojo) kampung and the Tanah Abang cemetery (Taman Prasasti).

Thick layer of mud

When the water had subsided most of Tanah Abang was covered in a thick layer of mud. This is a dramatic picture of the banjir (flood) in Jakarta, from 148 years ago. The photo with the title “The flood in Batavia from 24 to 27 January 1872” has been taken on the road Tanah Abang West (Jalan Abdul Muis), looking south, just before the turnoff to Kerkhoflaan (Jalan Tanah Abang 1). Taman Prasasti is around 200 meters to the right of this picture. The photo was taken by a photographer of the studio of Petz & Co. Floods are still happening in Jakarta these days, and if you’re hit by the current 2020 floods, please take care and make sure you are safe!

source: NMVW, 250 Years In Old Jakarta