Jalan Ridwan Rais 1972

Jalan Ridwan Rais 1972

The PLN building on Jalan Ridwan Rais in 1972

The former offices of the Nederlandsch Indische Gas Maatschappij (Netherlands Indies Gas Company), in 1972 already known under its current name PLN. This characterful building does still exist today and is located on the southeastern end of Medan Merdeka Timur, officially the first building on Jalan Ridwan Rais, the street that was known in colonial days as Prapatan Gambir. The Netherlands Indies Gas Company (NIGM) was founded in 1863. Just before World War II the company operated 11 gas plants and 33 power plants.

After independence

It became the Dutch Overseas Gas and Electric Company (OGEM) as of 1950. Indonesia nationalized the business in 1958. The OGEM, which continued its operations elsewhere in the world, got a compensation of 18 million guilders but it was not until 1978 that the Indonesian government had paid off the entire amount. The original ornaments and stained glass windows can still be seen today inside this characterful PLN building.

source: Beeldbank Cultureel Erfgoed, The Netherlands